Welcome to Marjory Stewart Law Office, LLC. We focus on most aspects of business law, intellectual property protection and litigation, and civil disputes.

Legal work, at its sublime best, is aptly contextual. Litigation, transactions, and intellectual property concerns for new and re-structured companies all deserve future-looking attention to the context of the company, its people, the economic realities it faces, and its short and long term goals.

Our clients, without exception, are creators. They own intellectual property; they have founded companies. They are passionate. We protect and license intellectual property, do deals, and tackle disputes on their behalf with equal enthusiasm and dedication to their objectives.

The sunrise image in the masthead of this page is the morning view from the office windows. Within and beyond the breakwater are rowers, sailboats, and the ships that ply the Great Lakes. Analogously, we have clients of all sizes. Some have attracted investor funding, others have grown on their own, some are small or family businesses that need affordable legal services while they pour energy into projects. We form strategic alliances as needed with other attorneys so that we can take big cases with confidence, yet we offer the terrific value that is particularly needed by early stage ventures. It is a great source of joy when all clients succeed.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all about how we could look after you.

~ Marjory S. Stewart

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